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Poker Bot AI+

Poker software based on artificial intelligence
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What it is?

Software based on neural networks and machine learning. Allows you to play poker automatically and make money. We offer a wide range of products for earning money with AI poker bot:
- automated poker bots
- AI advisor PokerX for auto/manual play poker apps
- poker ecology
- learning how to play poker with the AI tips
- poker farms on Android devices
- AI poker bot rental (API)
- creating and farming poker accounts and much more.
AI support all types of poker games - NLH, PLO, OFC, Pusoy, Mau Binh, all limits and a lot of poker rooms and apps, such as X-Poker, HHPoker, KKPoker, GGPoker, PPPoker, Bovado, Bodog, PokerTime, UPoker, PokerKing, Suprema Poker, Pokerrrr 2, WePoker and other.
The neural network, according to all known data on the course of the current game, and data on billions of previous games played, makes a decision and performs optimal actions that allow you to win your opponents with a positive mathematical expectation.
Poker rooms usually prohibit the use of bots and prompts and actively counteract this by conducting various checks, identifying bots and banning game accounts. Our software allows you to bypass any restrictions and stay in the game as safely as possible:
Our software allows you to bypass any restrictions and stay in the game as safely as possible:
modifies game traffic in real time
emulates smartphone environment
replaces IP, GPS and others parameters
answers questions in chats, leaves voice messages for verification of poker room administrators
simulates human behavior in the game process (bluff, justified risk, minor mistakes)

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Supported poker games:

Mau Binh

Currently supported poker sites

сheck with our managers, we are constantly developing and expanding this list
pppoker bot
clubgg bot
x-poker bot
pokerrrr2 bot
hhpoker bot
kkpoker bot
suprema poker bot
upoker bot
wepoker bot
We will provide you with proof of business break-even and demonstrate how bots work before buying. This information is private and cannot be provided on the site.

Demonstration of the game

Demonstration of the game 24/7 live stream of the game of a poker bot and a person with a prompt

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of project is this? Is this a business?
- Yes, this is a business in the IT sphere. My partner and I have been developing artificial intelligence (AI) for playing poker for 8 years, and also developing technologies so that our AI can play on poker sites against real people. At the moment, we support all major poker sites, we have all the technologies ready, security is set up and we are ready to expand our affiliate network.
What does your franchise give, what technologies do you provide?
- First of all, we provide our development, experience and technical support. If point by point, then:
* We give you software for playing on the platform
* Servers for the operation of this software
* We provide artificial intelligence for a poker game that implements software from the first paragraph
* Step-by-step training
* Online support and technical support for each item
Can anyone get into this business? It's complicated?
- Anyone who is willing to work and understand all the intricacies can get into, this is not a loot button. But at the same time, we will help in every step you take, until you fully stand on your feet and begin to function independently. But even so, we will continue to help you. As with any business, there are risks. There is a chance that it will be too difficult for you, someone will score, someone will lose the distance. On average, only 50% will be able to recapture their investments, of which only half will be able to achieve large and constant profits. But just like in any business - diligence, the desire to understand and work at a long distance, increase your chances many times.
Is it legal?
- This is absolutely legal, we do not violate any laws, plus we do not interact with the CIS countries. In fact, we are developing software as an IT company.
How much money will be required for a franchise, for a business? How fast can you get your payback?
- The franchise costs from 3 to 25 thousand dollars (depending on the format of cooperation). You will also need up to 5 thousand dollars for the balances of the accounts on which your bots will play. Payback of 6 months. Income from 12 months from 3000 $ / month.
How much can you earn?
- In 2019, our profit was 240% per annum in $ from investments. In fact, with reinvestment, you can very quickly reach an income of 4-5 thousand dollars a month in the first year of work.
How much does the bot win? Is there a chance to lose?
- In poker, winning a bot at a distance is called winrate. Winrate bot depends on the site, limit and type of game (Hold'em, Omaha and other games). The win rate ranges from 3 big blinds to 20 big blinds per 100 hands. If we bring everything to dollars, then on average the yield on the site is more than $ 5 per 100 distributions. There are sites difficult to work, but there the profitability reaches $ 25 for 100 distributions. - The probability of losing the bot tends to zero. We operate with such a concept as mathematical expectation. It is positive for the bot, so at a distance of a month it will work in plus anyway.
Are there any risks that will ban your account and not be able to get a win?
- We try to work only with those sites where the winnings at locks are not taken away. There are platforms where this happens, but from the start we will not work there, although the overall profitability is higher there.
Do I need to understand poker rules, or IT sphere?
- Experience is desirable, but not required. Our team has a lot of people from different fields, not just programmers and poker pro. The main thing is the desire to understand and work.
How many hours a day does it take? Can I work remotely? Do I need an office?
- At the initial stage, you will have to invest a maximum of time, but with the recruitment of the team and after going to greater income, it will be possible to greatly shorten the personal participation by delegating most of the work.