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How Profitable is a Poker Bot?

If you’re thinking about investing in a PokerBotAI poker bot for passive income, you need first grasp the possible profitability and growth dynamics. Let’s look at how profitable AI poker bots are, what factors determine profitability, and share some instances from our partners’ experiences.

Factors Affecting the Profitability of Poker Bots

  • Amount of Play: The more games are held at the club where you play, the less “idle” the poker bot is, the more hands it plays, and the higher the predicted profit. If you play in a “dead” bar with a few tables, don’t expect a speedy return. We propose that you make deals and departures from large clubs in advance. Bots do better in environments with more random players.
  • The number of fishes at the tables: The more newbies play at the tables, the more mistakes they make, and the more likely they are to bluff, which makes sense. Bots are particularly successful against inexperienced players, who tend to make predictable mistakes, making them easy targets.
  • $ limits: high stakes do not result in larger wins; rather, they are associated with increased risk. It is critical to strike a balance between limitss, bot count and stack. We propose beginning with micro limits and working up to medium. Playing at high limits requires experience, a large stack and multiple bots at the tables.
  • Number of Bots: Running numerous bots can dramatically enhance your earnings by playing at different tables at the same time, resulting in more hands played.
  • Poker Platform Security: Different poker apps use different security systems. It is critical to choose your poker room and club carefully so that there are fewer checks on poker bot accounts.

Real Income

In my experience, utilizing three poker bots appropriately will yield an average of $1,000 to $5,000 every month. This estimate is based on a continual rotation of accounts for 24/7 play with medium-low limits. The more bots you have playing at the same moment, the higher your earning potential. The use of merely one bot drastically slows the payback time.

For example:

  • One bot playing for a few hours a day at micro restrictions can generate a monthly ROI of 3-30%.
  • Three bots with a high volume of play at mid-limits yield a ROI of 33-100%.
  • Five bots playing consistently at mid-limits with a large bankroll can return up to 200% or more.

Initial investment requirements

Getting started with a poker bot requires an upfront expenditure ranging from $800 to $2,000. This includes:

  • Poker Bot Purchase: The cost of the poker bot, which varies according to its features and capabilities.
  • Fuel Refills: Gas is the bot’s internal currency, and it is used for each hand played.
  • Hardware costs include ensuring that your system satisfies the required standards (current processor, adequate RAM, SSD storage).
  • Proxy or VPN: The cost of using additional software, proxy servers, or VPNs to maintain privacy and security.

Lessons from Practical Experience

Our partners have used our bots to play hundreds of thousands of hands in cash games and MTTs. Here are several crucial lessons:

1. Selecting an area to play bots

It is critical to have a vast open “field” to play on, ideally clear of regulars. Exploiting players that make fundamental mistakes (like as folding too frequently) can be quite beneficial. Simple betting methods based on pot odds and player habits can result in extremely high win percentages. However, many partners remain disappointed because they are unable to leverage the full potential of bots at tables with only 1-2 genuine players.

2. The effectiveness of bots in various scenarios

Limits: testing bots in cash games with a maximum buy-in of $2 revealed that they can earn positive mathematical expectation (+EV). This suggests that they made profitable judgments on average across multiple hands. This applies to both the low and mid boundaries. We do not advocate playing at high limits if your bankroll is tiny, you are unable to play a big number of hands, or you are not prepared for significant drawdowns.

Poker types: NL and PLO4 typically have the highest win rates. HU games are highly variable.

Multi-table tournaments (MTT): bots emerge in MTTs with higher variance. Attempts to play with a single bot are typically break-even or somewhat profitable. As the number of bots increases, the game gets more profitable.

3. Lessons learned

Split your cash over many poker accounts to lessen the danger of losing money due to potential blocking.
Stack: If you do not have enough funds to replenish your stack to the suggested levels, it is best to lower the limitations and increase the number of bots.
Continuous learning: consistently playing against the same players improves your victory rate over time.