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Understanding the Cost of Poker AI Bots

In today’s rapidly advancing digital era, poker has transcended physical tables, reaching the screens of devices worldwide. Among the innovative solutions changing the game is the rise of poker AI bots. If you’ve ever wondered about the intricate pricing behind such technology, this article will provide an illuminating look.

Why Are Poker AI Bots Priced the Way They Are? offers a range of products with varying price structures, such as:

  1. PokerX (Adv) AI Bot Hint System: The go-to choice for many, this product is designed for Android or emulators.
  2. Poker Farms (Shells): These fully automated bots require a Windows server, comprehensive training, and specific configurations.
  3. Poker Ecology: Enhance your club’s gameplay and rake generation with this option.

PokerX AI Bot’s Price Breakdown

When purchasing the PokerX bot, you’re looking at a one-time payment for software combined with a pay-per-hand fee, akin to “fueling” your bot. This pricing system is favorable as it means you only pay for the hands played, rather than a monthly subscription.

The initial payment gets you:

+ Customized software

+ Regular updates

+ Access to AI technology

+ Continuous support and maintenance

What’s more, this software operates like a “builder”. You decide:

  1. Preferred poker rooms.
  2. The number of bots to run concurrently (A stronger AI can juggle multiple accounts simultaneously).
  3. Desired poker game types: NLH, PLO4, PLO5, PLO6, ROE, Mau binh, Pusoy
  4. Bot operation mode: manual (AI provides hints and you execute actions) or semi-automatic (the bot takes over once seated).
  5. Extra features: a web admin panel for management, game analytics, and the Fish table select (to pinpoint the most profitable table).

Combine all these features, and you get your software’s total price. Discounts are available for bundled services.

Lastly, the “fuel” cost varies according to the poker room, game type, and playing limit. We adjust this fee periodically based on win rates across platforms, game types, and limits.

Poker Farm Costs

Shells, the automatic poker farms, generally mirror PokerX’s pricing format with a few distinctions:

  1. A comprehensive one-time fee that offers all game types, unlimited bot use, and added features.
  2. Apart from the “fuel” charge, there’s a fee for renting servers to operate the bots—these bots run 24/7, ensuring consistent earnings. The first month of server use is complimentary.
  3. Sometimes, the fee is structured around the number of monthly account uses rather than the “fuel”.

Boosting Your Poker Club

Boosting your poker club (Poker Ecology) is a partnership-centric service. It’s anchored on a profit-sharing model from the rake generated by players. The specifics of profit percentage splits and terms are negotiated individually. Our specially tailored accounts play around the clock, ensuring rake generation while fostering a healthy poker ecosystem.

In conclusion, the world of poker AI is a vast, intricate field. From individual bots to entire automated systems, the options available are diverse. The costs, while initially seeming steep, are justified given the innovative technology and potential return on investment. As the virtual poker table’s field continues to evolve, being informed is the best bet!

P.S. We’ve designed user-friendly product cost calculators where you can assemble a poker bot and gauge its price.
Please reach out to our consultants, and we’ll provide you with a link to the calculator and address any questions you may have.