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Understanding the Cost of Poker AI Bots

In this article, we shall explain the pricing of our items. You will discover how the ultimate price is calculated, what Fuel is, and how to use a poker bot effectively. provides a number of products with varying pricing systems, including:

  • PokerX poker bot: The main product is an Android-powered poker bot. It can be used either singly or in a poker farm.
  • Poker Farms (Shells): These completely automated bots require a Windows server and extensive modification; nevertheless, this product is no longer relevant because PokerX has improved in all areas.
  • Poker Ecology is a service that provides your poker club with customized poker bots that play for no profit, produce rake, and perform other tasks such as security.
  • Custom poker bots are designed to every poker room.
  • Selling poker room accounts.

PokerX Poker Bot Price

A poker bot costs a one-time fee, which includes a set of software and instructions, access to poker AI, limitless bot updates, and technical support. You can also subscribe for six months or a year, subject to negotiation with the manager.

The poker bot has an internal currency called “Fuel” (Gas). You replenish your fuel balance, and for each hand played by the bot (depending on the poker application, type of poker, and limit), a set amount of money is deducted from your balance.

This price method is advantageous because you only pay for hands played, not for a monthly membership. Furthermore, we frequently run beneficial top-up campaigns in which you can receive a percentage of additional fuel in exchange for a specified amount of fuel.

To guarantee you get exactly what you need, use our pricing builder to pick the features you require before making a purchase. The price consists of:

  • Poker app-specific support
  • Number of bots to work concurrently (stronger AI can manage many accounts at once).
  • Desired poker game types include NLH, PLO4, PLO5, PLO6, ROE, Mau Binh, Pusoy and others.
  • Bot operation modes include manual (AI provides hints, and you perform tasks), semi-automatic (the bot takes control when it sits at the table), and automatic.
  • Additional features include a web administrator panel for remote control and monitoring, game statistics from our experts, a fish table choose function (which determines the most profitable table), and more.

Add up all of these features to calculate the overall cost of the software. Discounts are available for package services.

Finally, the cost of “Fuel” varies by poker room, game type, and limit. We regularly alter this price based on winning performance across platforms, game types, and limits.

Price of Poker Ecology Service

Promoting your poker club (Poker Ecology) is a partnership-based service. It is based on a methodology for dividing earnings from rake collected from players. Individuals negotiate the percentage distribution of profits and conditions. Our specially made accounts play 24 hours a day, ensuring that you collect rake while keeping your poker club traffic and play consistent. Bots are programmed to play for no profit, making it more appealing for both fish and regulars to play.

We’ve created useful product cost calculators that allow you to design a poker bot and estimate its costs.

Contact our consultants, and we will send you a link to the calculator and answer all of your questions.

Tips for Maximizing Profit from Poker Bots

  • Choosing a poker application (room) and club: the key criterion here is high traffic – the number of tables and games. Choose rooms and clubs where bots can play without interruptions.
  • Start with NLH: Skilled players have a significant advantage over lesser players in No Limit Hold’em. Less experienced players tend to live longer in Fixed Limit games because the pot odds keep them from making major blunders. However, in No Limit, these players frequently lose their whole stack to a weak inside draw or a middle pair. A Poker Bot will patiently wait for the ideal moment to exploit these flaws. Often, it is enough to capitalize on 2-3 huge plays per day to increase your deposit. Furthermore, No Limit games are currently more popular in online poker rooms and have larger traffic.
  • Play with more poker bots: the more bots playing at the same time (especially at the same tables) => more chance of winning => more hands => more profit.