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The big FAQ about poker bots

PokerBotAI is a startup that specializes in creating poker bots utilizing machine learning, neural networks, and AI.

Our bots are compatible with PokerBROS, ClubGG, ACR, 7XL Poker, Natural8, X-Poker, Bovada, Bodog, HHPoker, KKPoker, PPPoker, UPoker, Suprema Poker, Pokerrrr 2, WePoker, IDN Poker, Poker2U, and GGPoker, among others.

Poker bot PokerX has three modes: manual (AI tips), semi-automatic (the bot takes control after you select a table), and automatic.

The cost varies depending on the poker room, poker type, bot mode, and other settings. Use our poker bot calculator or contact our Telegram experts to get an estimate.

Yes, depending on the poker room, restrictions, and quantity of players and bots at your table, our bots can be extremely profitable.

Fuel is the internal money utilized to compensate for hands played. The fee varies according to the limit and number of hands.

We use, but due to restrictions on entry into some poker clubs and unions, we also offer our products worldwide.

Features include an admin panel, analytics, table selection, and chat connection with Telegram and more.

The cost varies depending on the limit, ranging from $0.15 per 100 hands at low limits to $2000 per 100 hands at super high limits.

Our technology does not support multitabling.

Yes, but a Windows PC is recommended for multiple device setups.

No, our bot uses artificial intelligence to improve its victory rate rather than to view opponents' cards.

A bot's minimum pricing varies every poker venue, although it often starts at $500.

No, owning a club is only required for our Poker Ecology services.

We do not now offer PokerStars, but it may be feasible in the future.

The winrate ranges from $15 to $80, depending on the platform, poker kind, limits, and amount of bots.

PokerBotAI is currently compatible with Android cellphones and Android PC emulators for Windows.

We recommend the PokerX bot for LDPlayer, an Android emulator for Windows. Choose according to your requirements, such as available poker types, bot mode, amount of bots, and so on.

Configure your environment with Windows and the LDPlayer Android emulator, make sure your computer isn't overloaded, and keep a reliable internet connection.

While short-term results may vary, the bot guarantees a positive long-term outlook, ensuring profit.

Install both the poker bot and your preferred poker program using the login credentials for your poker bot account.

Depending on the setting, the bot can function totally automatically, semi-automatically, or manually, analyzing each hand, computing chances, and making decisions.

Use the admin page to monitor the bot's performance and data, and manage your bots remotely.

Of course, from a technical point of view, this is no different from a regular game on your phone.

Over lengthy periods of time, the poker AI bot consistently wins. The only exceptions are high-variance poker games and heads-up.

Yes, with programming and artificial intelligence expertise. It takes a lot of time, knowledge, and, in most cases, a team of programmers and professional players.

They utilize machine learning to study previous games, calculate probabilities, and alter their approach in real time based on their opponents' actions.

Practice consistently, understand the game, watch the bot's routines, and devise strategies to exploit its flaws. However, this will not help you against our poker bots, as their techniques vary according on your game.

To blend in with human players, our AI uses human-like behaviors such as randomizing action timings and altering stake quantities.

Contact our support team for an inquiry and tips to avoid future problems.

On a regular basis, particularly when poker programs upgrade their interface or functionality, we ensure that our bots stay effective and secure.

Poker bots can let you generate money by playing poker all day and night, and they can also be used to teach poker.

PokerBotAI has been consistently refining its bots since 2016, leveraging AI technology and massive amounts of game data to improve performance.

Bots collect and analyze data from poker rooms, calculating probabilities, assessing hand strengths, and evaluating opponent conduct.

Poker bots can make quick, optimal decisions, play consistently without weariness, and multitask across multiple tables at once.

To remain invisible, our bots replicate genuine Android settings and employ proxy servers for IP changes and GPS spoofing. Besides this, there are many more things, but we cannot talk about them.

To avoid discovery, employ many bots, properly prepare accounts, engage in chat, and use residential proxy servers.

No, PokerBotAI sometimes adds support for new platforms, but always prioritizes security and profitability.

Contact PokerBotAI to discuss the purchasing procedure and obtain more information about their products and services.

The fee reflects the software's complexity, including customization, updates, AI technology, and ongoing support.

PokerX charges a one-time software price and a per-hand fee, which is more flexible than a monthly subscription.

The initial cost covers customized software, monthly updates, access to AI technologies, and ongoing support.

The "fuel" cost varies according on the poker room, game type, and playing limit, and it is changed on a regular basis based on winnings.

You can select your chosen poker rooms, number of bots, game kinds, bot operation modes, and additional features such as a web admin panel.

Discounts are available for bundling numerous services.

Our poker bots run in an Android OS emulator environment called LDPlayer, which requires Windows 10 or higher.

A recent CPU with at least 6 cores and 12 threads, such as the AMD Ryzen 5 5500 or Intel i5-10400, is recommended. Older Xeon processors will also work.

A minimum of 16 GB DDR3 RAM is necessary to ensure consistent performance and support for 4 instances of LDPlayer.

To efficiently render graphics and handle several emulators, you'll need an Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti or greater with at least 4 GB of dedicated memory. Perhaps even iGPUs or video cards like GT710 will be suitable, we had such experience.

Yes, laptops with comparable performance may accommodate this setup.

Yes, we provide a free trial time to test the bots on your system and evaluate performance.

Of course, to purchase AI poker bots, contact our managers.

AI poker bots mimic human behavior, detect bluffs, and offer more tailored strategies, increasing their effectiveness and profitability.

Yes, high-quality AI poker bots with comprehensive game knowledge and strategy analysis capabilities can be extremely profitable.

AI poker bots require sophisticated creation incorporating AI technology, programmers, servers, skilled poker players for setup and lengthy testing strategies, which explains their greater pricing.

Using poker bots with AI, you earn money by beating your opponents. Bots play automatically, and the more hands played, the greater your profit.

The bot can play No-Limit Hold'em (NLH), Pot-Limit Omaha with four cards (PLO4), Pot-Limit Omaha with five cards (PLO5), and Pot-Limit Omaha with six cards, Multi-Table Tournaments (MTT), Open-Face Chinese (OFC), Round of Each (ROE), Pusoy, Mau Binh, and Bomb Pot tables.

Poker is a massive and expanding business, and AI can excel at it by digesting big quantities of data and making optimal decisions, resulting in a high-demand, low-supply niche for skilled poker bots.

Poker ecology is a service for promoting your poker club through specially tuned poker bots. They allow you to provide online players 24/7 and play with zero profit, thereby generating rake.

Rake accounts are specifically designed to boost the number of active players in a club, recruiting new players and improving the entire experience by assuring a strong online presence.

PokerBotAI's technology detects bots and teamplay, identifies questionable accounts, and provides actionable insights to club owners.