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How to Play Poker with Poker Bot AI

Let’s go step by step through the exciting process of configuring and playing poker with your own AI assistant-bot.

Getting Started with PokerBotAI

Assume it’s a calm evening, and you’re sitting down with your laptop, ready to explore the world of automated poker. You’ve recently purchased PokerX, a piece of software meant to handle the grind of poker games, allowing you to sit back and relax while it does the heavy job.

First and foremost, create an appropriate setting. PokerBotAI uses an Android emulator called LDPlayer, which runs flawlessly on Windows 10 and higher. If you are concerned about the technical specifications, do not worry too much. Just make sure your computer is reasonably up to date, with modern processors such as AMD Ryzen 5 5500 or Intel i5-10400, 16 GB of RAM, and an SSD with free space. If you have a graphics card such as the Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti, Radeon Vega, or 780M, you’re in luck.

Once your system is ready, download LDPlayer from its official website. The installation is simple, and once it’s completed, you’re halfway there.

Installing Your Poker Bot

Next, configure your Android environment in LDPlayer. Follow the instructions that tech support will send you, or grant remote access via Teamviewer/Anydesk, and our team will assist you with everything.

It will not take long to install. If you chose PokerX, simply install the APK file on your LDPlayer or a rooted Android device. Next, download the poker app where you’ll be playing. Then, activate the PokerX bot, and you will be required to enter your credentials. This will link your bot to the PokerBotAI network, giving it the intelligence it requires to play AI poker.

After cleanly customizing one emulator, you can simply clone its image as many times as many bots you will use.

Using proxy servers will ensure that each of your gaming accounts has a distinct IP address. If your poker room takes security seriously, we recommend employing resident or mobile socks5 proxies. Otherwise, high-quality server proxies will suffice.

Customize your poker bot

Here’s where the fun begins. You will need to tailor the bot to your preferences. Choose your preferred poker rooms, game kinds, and other options. By the way, if you have access to the admin area, you can manage (start, stop and so on) the bots from there.

Playing poker with PokerX

Now that your bot is complete, it’s time to play the game. Launch LDPlayer, then PokerX, your choice poker app (such as X-Poker, ClubGG, PPPoker, or another), and let the bot do its thing. You can select one of three modes based on your level of involvement:

  1. Manual Mode: The bot provides tips and suggestions while you play.
  2. Semi-Automatic Mode: You select the table, and the bot handles the rest, including betting and bluffing.
  3. Automatic mode is ideal for when you want to completely relax. The bot oversees everything, including table selection and in-game decision-making. Not every poker room offers fully automatic mode.

Sit back, sip your coffee (or something stronger if you prefer), and watch as your bot moves through the hands with deliberate accuracy.

To maximize efficiency, start multiple poker bots at the same time, ideally at the same table (if possible). This will dramatically improve your winrate.

Monitoring and tweaking

Playing poker with a bot is more than just setting it up and walking away. To effectively optimize your revenues, monitor its performance. PokerBotAI has an easy-to-use admin panel that allows you to monitor data, track the bot’s performance, and make adjustments as needed.

Look at data like win rates and financial results. If you observe the bot struggle in certain types of games or against specific opponents, you can adjust its parameters or tactics. The bot learns and adapts over time, but occasional human assistance can help it perform better.

Keep it safe and secure

Poker rooms are becoming smarter, and so is your bot. PokerBotAI is designed to simulate human behavior, including random action timing and decision-making. This minimizes the danger of discovery greatly.

Still, there are some recommended practices to follow if you want to avoid detection. Use private, domestic VPNs or proxies whenever possible. Avoid using public or shared IP addresses, as they are easy to trace and may flag your account. Spread your gameplay across numerous accounts to avoid triggering any red flags for excessive activity on a single profile.

Troubleshooting & Support

Even the greatest systems occasionally experience difficulties. If your bot is having connectivity troubles, double-check your internet stability and proxy settings. If the bot begins to do inappropriate activities or hangs on any menu, please notify us, and we will provide you recommendations.

Scaling up and maximizing profits

When you’ve mastered the basics, why not take the next step? Each extra bot boosts your profits in a geometric progression. Bots communicate on the state of the game at the table, boosting the likelihood of winning the bank. Bots can be used to play many poker games at the same time, with varying restrictions, and even in different poker applications.


Playing poker with PokerBotAI is more than just automation; it’s about enhancing your game and increasing your profits using cutting-edge technology. By configuring your poker bot system and carefully controlling its performance, you may reap the benefits of playing smart poker without the continual grind.

Ready to start? Before purchasing your poker bot, please contact us, answer any of your questions, and test it.

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