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What Products Does PokerBotAI Offer?

Welcome to PokerBotAI, a company with more than 6 years of expertise developing AI-powered poker bots. Our main product is PokerX, a smart poker bot that allows you to play automatically in different poker rooms and poker types. PokerBotAI distinguishes out for its state-of-the-art AI technology, round-the-clock customer service, and frequent product upgrades. What makes us stand out from the competition is our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.

1. PokerX Poker Bot

Our main offering, PokerX, is a sophisticated poker bot made to function flawlessly in a variety of poker rooms. PokerX offers a wide variety of usage by supporting many poker game formats. This bot is driven by our in-house poker AI, which learns from the way your opponents play and stores that information to strategically take advantage of their flaws. Poker AI Bot mimics human behavior to stay hidden from live players.

2. Shells Poker Bot

The Shells poker bot, while not as advanced as PokerX, continues to provide reliable performance for specific tasks. This “old” bot is familiar to our long-time partners, perfect for users of some poker rooms who are looking for something more familiar, but still benefit from our expertise in poker AI.

3. Poker Ecology Service

The “Poker Ecology” service is one of our specialties. This service sets up specially designed bot accounts in your poker clubs to play and produce rake all day, every day. This keeps the player balance stable and the games going constantly.

4. Custom Poker Bots

We provide custom poker bot development for customers with customized needs, suited to your own poker room and tastes. This customized solution guarantees that your bot operates at its best under the parameters you choose.

5. Account Creation and Management

In addition, we offer account creation and management services for some poker rooms, which include “leveling up” accounts to meet specified VPIP and other requirements. This solution guarantees that your accounts are action-ready and competitive.

6. Special Deals

Occasionally, we offer deals in certain poker clubs. Stay updated with our latest offers by contacting our managers.

Supported Poker Types

Although particular compatibility varies depending on the poker site, our poker bots are made to function with the majority of poker game types. Our goal is to have our bots play as profitably as possible. To uphold the greatest standards of performance, we could decide not to provide poker variations with a lot of fluctuation.

Unique Features

Our products are unique because of our sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI), which is flexible and remembers the playing techniques of opponents to make effective use of this knowledge. PokerX mimics human behavior to avoid detection and is made to be profitable over a high volume of hands. Our continuous product updates and round-the-clock support also guarantee that you’ll always have the greatest tools available.

Who Can Use Our Products?

Our products are useful for both novices and experts. Although some prior expertise with online poker and a basic comprehension of the game are recommended, players of all skill levels can easily utilize our bots.


The supported poker sites, poker variations, number of bots playing at once, and extra features and choices all affect how much our products cost. We occasionally run specials and discounts, so make sure to check for the most recent offerings.

System Requirements

To run our poker bots effectively, you need a modern CPU, an Nvidia GTX 1050 or better graphics card, 16+ GB of RAM, and an SSD with at least 480 GB of space. The more bots you run simultaneously, the higher the system requirements. You can read more details on choosing hardware for poker bots in our article – Hardware Requirements for Running Poker Bots.

Examples and Demos

We post demonstrations of our bots’ capabilities on Twitch and YouTube, so you may watch them in action there. We also provide a brief free trial time so you may assess the efficacy of our program.

With PokerBotAI, explore the world of AI poker bots and learn how our cutting-edge technologies may improve your poker play. Get in touch with us right now to find out more about our offerings!

AI bot for popular poker rooms: Dominating GGPoker, Pokerrrr, X-Poker and more. Not PokerStars!