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What Products Does PokerBotAI Offer?

Welcome to PokerBotAI, with over 6 years of active involvement in the development of AI poker bots. Our major product is PokerX: a smart poker bot that enables one to play poker automatically in different poker rooms and on diverse poker game types. What differentiates us is the belief in innovation and customer satisfaction. Check our Knowledge Hub for actual info.

PokerX Poker Bot

Our main product is PokerX – an AI poker bot designed for profitable play at various poker rooms.
PokerX offers a wide range of uses:

  • 3 modes of operation
  • Support for popular poker rooms
  • Support for popular poker types
  • Android OS

This bot is controlled by our proprietary poker AI, which learns how your opponents play and stores this information to strategically exploit their weaknesses. The poker AI bot mimics human behavior to stay hidden from human players, allowing you to earn safely.

Shells Poker Bot

The Shells poker bot, while not as advanced as PokerX, continues to provide reliable performance for specific tasks. This “old” bot is familiar to our long-time partners and is ideal for users of some poker rooms that don’t care much about bot checks. The main advantage of this poker bot is that it is fully automated and works well on server hardware and Windows Server OS.

Poker Ecology Service for poker clubs

The Poker Ecology service is our unique service for poker club owners. In brief, your poker clubs create specially configured AI bot accounts that play 24/7, thus increasing rake and traffic. The bots also create a balance between amateur and pro players and identify suspicious players (possible bots and team players). Learn more about how to improve your poker club in our article.

Custom Poker Bots

We offer custom poker bot development specifically for your poker room or specific tasks. This customized solution ensures that your bot will be the only one on the poker room, giving you a huge advantage.

Account Creation and Management

We offer poker account creation services at some poker rooms that include “leveling up”, playing a certain number of hands to meet specified VPIPs and other requirements. This solution ensures that your accounts will be ready to play bots and appear more secure.

Special Deals

Occasionally, we offer deals in certain poker clubs. Stay updated with our latest offers by contacting our managers.

Supported Poker Types

Poker bots support most types of popular poker games are NL and PLO. For some poker rooms MTT, ROE, OFC, Pusoy, Mau Binh are also available. Since our goal is for our bots to play as profitably as possible, we may decide not to provide support for certain types of poker in certain poker applications.

Unique Features

Our products are unique due to our sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI), which is flexible and memorizes opponents’ playing techniques to leverage this knowledge. PokerX mimics human behavior to avoid detection and ensures profitability on a large number of hands. Constant product updates and 24/7 support also ensure that you always have the best tools available.

Who Can Use Our Products?

Our products are available for beginners, experienced players and club owners alike. While some online poker experience and a basic understanding of the game is recommended, players of any skill level can easily use our bots. You can also learn the game of poker by watching the bot’s actions, or by following the AI’s prompts and playing manually.


Supported poker apps, poker varieties, the number of bots playing at the same time, and additional features and functionality all affect the price of our products. We occasionally run promotions and discounts, so be sure to check for the latest offers. Check our article about poker bot price.

System Requirements

To run our poker bots effectively, you need a modern CPU, an Nvidia GTX 1050 or better graphics card, 16+ GB of RAM, and an SSD with at least 480 GB of space. The more bots you run simultaneously, the higher the system requirements. You can read more details on choosing hardware for poker bots in our article – Hardware Requirements for Running Poker Bots.

Examples and Demos

We occasionally publish video demonstrations of our bots on Twitch and YouTube, so you can watch them in action there. Keep in mind that we cannot review the bot’s full performance, or show recent and up-to-date videos and developments, for security reasons. We also provide a trial period so that you can go through the process of installing the poker bot and evaluate its performance

Discover the world of AI poker bots as a learning tool or a big money-making opportunity. Contact us now to learn more about our offers!

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