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Take a peek behind the scenes of poker bots: how it all works, poker AI, my recommendations and thoughts

Opening Words

Alright, folks, let’s kick this thing into gear! In this here piece, I wanna give y’all a real detailed rundown on what the hell a poker bot is, how the hell to use it, the pros and cons, how not to flush all your money down the drain, and how to squeeze every last drop of that poker AI goodness. Oh, and I got some wild thoughts of my own to share too. We’re splitting this article into parts, so grab yourself a cuppa joe, some cookies, and buckle up for a damn fascinating read! 😎

Warning: Now, listen up, fellas, I’d sure as hell love to spill all the juicy secrets and nitty-gritty about these poker bots, but guess what? I can’t. Yeah, I reckon y’all understand why. So don’t y’all go expectin’ some deep-dive material for you developers out there. No graphs or algorithm breakdowns either. Alright, let’s saddle up and ride!

What the hell is a poker bot? A quick rundown.

These poker bots, my friends, are frickin’ programs that hop right into the poker action and play the game on autopilot. Yeah, sounds pretty damn basic, don’t it?
Now, why the hell do we need ’em? Well, first and foremost, it’s all about kickin’ back and lettin’ these bots handle the poker grind while stackin’ up that sweet moolah.
Some folks use these bots as a fine tool for poker education. Others use ’em to keep the poker action rollin’ round the clock in them fancy-pants poker clubs, scoutin’ for other bots, and even pullin’ off some sneaky team play. These modern varieties of poker bots, they can do it all.

Technically speakin’, I’d split a poker bot into two parts:

  1. The Poker “Brain” – it’s sophisticated program, takin’ charge of the whole decision-makin’ process at the poker table. It considers all them variables in play and spits out the best damn move. It’s usually standardized and versatile, changin’ based on the type of poker game (NLH, PLO4/5, OFC, etc.).
  2. The “Clicker” – now, this program right here, it’s a good mimic of a human player in a poker app. It’s tailor-made for each poker room, bringin’ that touch of authenticity to the virtual table.

Our Story of Poker Bots Development

Back in 2016-2019, our private poker bots were runnin’ on basic strategies and rules. And boy, did it pay off! ‘Cause back then, the poker scene was practically a bot-free haven with no damn poker room inspections to worry about. But as them bots started spreadin’ like wildfire, them security services got all riled up and introduced all sorts of checks. And guess what? They could sniff out them bots with ease and ban our sorry asses, often snatching every dime from our deposits. But we didn’t back down. We kept tweakin’ them bots, testin’ their asses ’round the clock, playin’ a game of cat and mouse with them poker app developers. Some folks didn’t give a damn, lettin’ their platforms get overrun with bots, and naturally, they became about as popular as a skunk in a perfume shop. But some, like Pokerstars, took security mighty damn seriously. Others simply dumped that burden on the poker unions and clubs owners.

Them brain algorithms kept gettin’ better, goin’ through dozens and hundreds of code builds and refinements. It was a helluva lotta work and a whole lotta fun!

But lemme tell ya, in the past few years, the whole poker brain game done changed. With them AI technologies now more accessible, poker bots took a leap to a whole ‘nother level. All the stats from our hands since 2016 were saved, and that allowed us to train and improve our first AI poker brain. From then on, our bots started adaptin’ to the ever-changin’ dynamics of the game, correctly analyzin’ them opponents’ behavior. The input variables we could consider and utilize kept growin’ and growin’. We added some tricks to better imitate human behavior.

Nowadays, I can say with a hundred percent certainty that them AI poker bots kick the ass of any pro player in the long run.

But truth be told, there ain’t many good poker bots that use AI. You can count ’em on one hand: either research group projects from US universities (the non-commercial ones like Pluribus, Claudico, Libratus, and the likes), or international developments like ours (PokerBotAI).

In the market, you got some mediocre and not-so-great products — them modified ex-Open Source poker bots (like PokerBot, Shanky, BonusBot, Warbot) that can play poker based on some predetermined algorithm. They might show a short-term profit under certain conditions (lots of fish at the table), but they’re so outdated that their long-term profitability wavers like a damn tumbleweed in the wind. Regular players and AI-trained bots can exploit vulnerabilities against those bots without breakin’ a sweat.

poker bot evolution

How AI Poker Bots Work

AI poker bots use AI stuff to play poker like a pro and make smart decisions. These bots use a mix of data processing algorithms, machine learning, and decision-making strategies to analyze the game’s dynamics and kick opponents’ butts at the table.

Data Collection and Analysis

Our bots collect and analyze data from the poker room every second to get the full scoop on the game. They gather info about cards, bets, player stats, and behavior. Bots rely on hand histories, current game logs, and real-time data to create a badass database. Once they have the data, they get all statistical and calculate probabilities, assess hand strengths, spot betting patterns in opponents, and evaluate the overall game situation. Then, they weigh their options and pick the most kickass move to make.

Machine Learning

AI poker bots use machine learning algorithms to choose and improve their game strategies. They learn from their own experiences and also study the tricks of other players to up their decision-making game. Reinforcement learning is the secret sauce that allows bots to adapt and adjust their strategies based on feedback from game results. So, it’s cool if the bot plays a ton of hands with the same opponents at the same table ’cause it increases the chances of making serious cash.

Action Execution of poker bots

Once the AI poker bot makes up its mind, it passes the info to another part of the program on your Android device that does all the lifting in the poker app. By the way, transferring the info from the AI poker bot to the PokerX bot app takes some time. It depends on your internet connection and how far you are from the AI servers. We use a CDN network to connect fast from anywhere, but the internet can be a moody thing, and sometimes the response doesn’t make it, so the bot do fold, and you get a message about connection issues. Also, developers often change the look and feel of their app, moving stuff around, adding new pop-up messages and stuff. When that happens, we quickly let you know to pause the game (and you might see errors in the admin panel), and we fine-tune the bot to fit the new app interface.

Benefits of Using Poker Bots

The main advantage of AI poker compared to humans is the ability to make quick decisions with the highest possible probability by analyzing a ton of data. Humans just can’t physically do that.

Bots don’t get tired, distracted, tilted, or demand food and wages (except for the cost of buying bots and electricity, lol), and they play consistently.

Poker bots are multitaskers – they can play at dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of tables simultaneously. This geometric progression enhances their ability to make more winning decisions and exponentially increase profits. So, we recommend using at least 3 bots at the same time to maximize your profit.

But you need to understand how online poker rooms, clubs, and alliances work and be “in the know”. It can be tough to enter this business if you’ve never played poker before. However, if you’ve been playing online poker on different platforms for a while and have plenty of deals, things usually go smoothly and quickly.

poker bots cons

How to Use a Poker Bot Effectively?

Now, this is vital information for all our partners to avoid getting banned and to ensure profitability. Your profit and satisfaction are in our best interests, so I’ll provide recommendations on how to use bots correctly and effectively and talk about common mistakes made by our partners.

More Bots = Faster and Greater ROI

The more bots you deploy in the game, the higher your profit, and as I mentioned before, it’s a geometric dependency. If multiple bots are at the same table, they exchange information and have more knowledge about the game state and the cards being used. We recommend having a minimum of 2-3 bots at a table, but of course, it depends on the poker room or club where you play. With a good playing field and sufficient game volume, our partners can cover the cost of the software within a month with just 2-3 bots.

Familiarize Yourself with Account Preparation Recommendations

Before starting automatic play with bots, it’s essential to register and “level up” new accounts correctly by playing manually for a while (you can use our bot in manual mode to get hints) and achieving a certain gameplay statistics. Then, you can gradually automate the game, but don’t overdo it and avoid playing round the clock. It’s better to have multiple accounts and play with each for 2-4 hours a day, taking breaks throughout the week, rather than playing with the same accounts for 8-12 hours straight.

Engage in chats, use emojis and different taunts against your opponents, participate in events, and buy in-game currency. It’s in your best interest to keep your account playing for as long as possible.

IPs, GPS, Proxy, VPN, and other crucial stuff that can blow your cover

Apart from the recommendations in point 2, there are some vital things that can raise suspicion about your activities.

Don’t forget to set the correct location by spoofing your GPS.

If you’re using proxies or VPNs to play with multiple accounts, check how the poker room’s security team reacts to proxy IP addresses. Around 95% of the proxies available online have IP addresses that are recognized as data centers, servers, or commercial entities in the databases. This immediately sets you apart from real people whose IP addresses are associated with residential ISPs or mobile networks. You can verify this on services like ip2location.

If they pay attention to this, it often becomes the sole reason for getting banned. If possible, try to find and use “residential” SOCKS5 proxies or VPNs, although it might not be that easy.

Alternatively, play from your home internet using different providers, reconnecting and changing your IP if possible.

Ensure a stable and fast internet connection

When the bot connects to the AI servers and the gaming application through proxies, an unstable internet connection can cause delays in receiving responses from the AI and the poker room. Consequently, the bot, unable to obtain the necessary data, might fold in the game. So, take care of this aspect.

Use a high-performance PC

Running Android emulators on your PC consumes a significant amount of RAM, CPU, and other resources. Therefore, it’s not advisable to play other games simultaneously while running four Android emulators. However, this depends on the performance of your PC 🙂

Play in clubs with sufficient game volume

It’s simple here – bots need someone to play with. And preferably, those should be humans 🙂 Don’t expect quick profits if there aren’t enough active tables with games. Start by finding good deals, play in clubs, and assess the quantity and quality of players in them.

How and where to buy AI poker bot? We review the buying process of Poker AI

Poker Ecology

For hosts and owners of poker clubs, we offer a poker ecology service. In short, special AI accounts:

– Support gameplay at the tables in your club
– Play adaptively with zero profit
– Increase the rake
– Detect bots and unfair play

You can be assured that the use of these accounts will remain anonymous as we value your reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve compiled a list of tricky questions and answers that people usually ask us, along with some accusations 🙂

Why don’t you use poker bots yourselves?

Our operations teams successfully utilize our poker AI, but we can’t operate worldwide due to language and other restrictions, as well as the complexities of joining local clubs. That’s why we offer our products to partners from around the world, taking care of the operational aspects such as account registration, proxy search, scheduling, and bot deployment. Partners also assume force majeure risks related to bans and deposit blockages.

Where are your profitability proofs?

Previously, we shared statistics and graphs showcasing profits on various poker rooms, game types, clubs, and limits. However, poker rooms, scammers, and competitors started using this information against us, so we made the decision not to disclose these details anymore. You can verify our reliability by gathering information about us from the internet, and we also provide our product for testing. We don’t necessarily seek mass popularity for our product and sometimes even refuse sales if you plan to play in clubs and leagues where we’re present.

I got banned, and my entire deposit is blocked! Why?

The main reason is network-related, particularly when using proxies with external IP addresses from data centers instead of internet service providers. Applications and alliances detect that you’re using proxies and label you as unreliable. This issue is not directly related to the poker AI and bot’s functioning.

Can your bot work on “poker site name”?

We periodically add support for new poker platforms after thoroughly evaluating their security and profitability. If you’re interested in a specific room and even want to be the only one using bots there, reach out to us, and we’ll make you an exclusive offer.

So much information, it’s hard to find the “money” button!

Our product is not mass-market, and there is a certain entry barrier. To succeed, you need to have knowledge of online poker, experience with Android emulators and proxies, and familiarize yourself with all our manuals and recommendations.

Can I learn poker with the help of your AI?

Of course! Just request a poker bot with manual mode, and it will provide you with hints from the poker AI. You can then decide whether to use them or not.

You’re scammers! Your product is a dummy and imitation, and you have no AI!

Write to us, and I’m confident our sales department will dispel your doubts. In any case, just try our poker bot for free on a test basis. Some even manage to win back the cost of our software within that time =(

In conclusion

Alright, folks, thanks for sticking around till this point. I’d be glad if this helps you understand our business and dispel any doubts.
Whether I were just an ordinary poker player or a club owner, I’d happily make use of poker bots because it’s relatively easy money, you could say it’s passive income.
Of course, it’s not entirely ethical, but it’s just a drop in the ocean of what’s happening in the world, you know.
They’ll try to block us, lower our website ranking in search results, file lawsuits (we’ve already had that with one poker site). But those who seek will always find us.