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Top 15 Poker Bots

Poker is a game of skill that requires good luck too. For a majority of casual online players, poker is a game of glorious uncertainties with plenty of upswings and downswings. And for those who are looking to increase their chances of winning, poker bots are an ideal option.

A poker bot is a computer program that functions as a real player. It is adept at competing against human and computer opponents. Utilizing a poker bot is a way to utilize software instead of a real player. In the realm of poker, bots are increasingly becoming popular owing to their versatility.
A majority of poker bots out there are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI-powered bots can adapt to the strategies of other players. They can also adapt their strategies as per the current situation of the table.
AI is also empowering poker bots to improve their strategy based on the game’s progress. So as you can see, opting for poker bots is an excellent way to increase your winning chances.

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Here are the top 15 poker bots you should be aware of.

PPP Poker Bot

The PPP Poker Bot is a highly customizable bot that can increase your winning chances to a great extent. This bot is user-friendly, and hence new players would face no issues adapting to its interface. One of the key highlights of this bot is that it plays all tables.
From cash games to MTTs, you can play a wide variety of tournaments with this bot. You can even create up to five profiles in this poker bot.

PPPoker Poker Bot

The PPPoker Poker Bot is universal and highly customizable. When compared to other bots, it uses the revolutionary screen scraping method to provide you with desired results. What makes this bot unique is that it boasts of an advanced poker-botting framework.
It is an ideal bot for micro-limit cash games. This bot has an average winrate of 5 big blinds/100 hands, which is impressive.

UPoker Poker Bot

If you are on the lookout for the top 15 poker bots, the UPoker Poker Bot is ideal. It allows the players to edit the existing profiles and create their own.
It is a popular poker bot as it allows multi-tabling. In simple words, you would be able to compete in various online casinos with this bot at the same time. You would be able to earn good monthly profits in rakeback payments.

Rummy Poker Bot

If you are looking forward to winning in a large field and high-stakes tournaments, this poker bot is an ideal option. Unlike other commonly available bots, the Rummy Poker Bot uses Game Theory Optimal Strategy.
It has support for a wide array of poker rooms which exudes practicality to the players. It is a must-have bot when you want to make the most gain on a poker site.

Pocket52 Poker Bot

The Pocket52 Poker Bot works excellently well for cash games and micro-limit games. This bot is adept at automatically recognizing the poker table when it appears on the screen. After identifying the poker table, it connects and starts participating based on the loaded profile. Along with calling and folding, it can also execute handle pop-ups.

HHPoker Poker Bot

The HHPoker Bot is also referred to as a 9-10 man sit and go bot. It can play premium hands and relies on the GTO strategy. It has support for various poker rooms, which is an added advantage. Users get a one-year license while purchasing this poker bot.
You can use this bot on three computers simultaneously. It can automatically detect the type of poker table and adapt itself accordingly.

MTT Poker Bot

The MTT Poker Bot is a good option if you want to play professional and high-stake tournaments. This poker bot comes pre-loaded with tournament profiles and cash games. The playing instructions are highly customizable, which makes them user-friendly. It can play all limit types and game structures. It can also follow table changes automatically in MTTs.

Dollaro Poker Bot

Do you earnestly desire that your computer could keep on playing when you get up from a poker game? If your answer is yes, then the Dollaro Poker Bot is ideal for you. You can start this bot and leave it at the table without worrying too much. Being one of the top 15 poker bots, it has an ample number of profiles.

Clubscan Poker Bot

The Clubscan Poker Bot is different when compared to other commonly available bots. It relies on a parameter-driven engine for interpreting fame states. It also has a different logic engine for implementing decisions related to poker.
It also comes with a one-year license. What differentiates this poker bot from others is that it runs on a simple scripting language.

Pokerking Poker Bot

The Pokerking Poker Bot is one of the best bots if you want to participate in cash games. It is adept at measuring SPR and stacks. It also utilizes PT4 stats to adjust to each opponent accordingly. It can also call down when opponents opt to showdown.

Spartan Poker Bot

The Spartan Poker Bot can alter its playing style based on how the opponents play. Being a reliable poker bot forSpartan Poker, it automatically identifies the table type. It has dedicated support for other varieties of poker rooms out there. You can use this bot simultaneously on three computers.

PokerTime Poker Bot

The PokerTime Poker Bot is an AI-powered bot that relies on the GTO strategy. One of the key highlights of this bot is that it uses multiple statistics with high accuracy. It also relies on an independent chip model to provide players with good winning chances. Its AI engine can quickly learn from the strategies of its opponents.

Red Dragon Poker Bot

The Red Dragon Poker Bot relies on its intelligent gaming engine to defeat opponents. It has been designed in a manner where the bot can take a lot of complicated decisions. For instance, it can play passively when the hands are weaker.
It also does its job perfectly well when playing solid hands. Like most other poker bots, the Red Dragon also supports a variety of poker rooms. The user profile is highly customizable, which exudes practicality to newbies.

GGPoker Poker Bot

The GGPoker Bot is another advanced poker bot that increases your chances of winning drastically. It is one of those unique bots which can freeze the action of the opponents by altering its style. Being powered by AI, it can actively learn from the counterattacks of the players. It can participate in micro stakes and deep stack games too.
Let’s hope that you now have a thorough understanding of the top poker bots. As you can see, each poker bot has a different set of functionalities which may or may not be ideal. Before buying a poker bot, always go through its features carefully to ascertain whether it is suitable.