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Using AI poker bots to play online poker

Greetings to all lovers of big winnings, risk and just poker players!

Today let’s look at a way to make real money with the help of a poker bot.

With the development of technology and AI, this has become not only a massive problem for regular players, but also a way for resourceful people to make money.

What is a poker bot? It is a mathematically stacked algorithm based on mathematical expectation with artificial intelligence.

I warn you, do not rush to buy “a pig in a poke” right away, because in most cases it’s already worked out, which immediately bans your account or loses your money.

The more popular the poker site, the stronger the defense against poker bots.

Yes, the topic is popular, but very few people have a real and working algorithm.

Proper poker rooms

As for poker rooms, the more popular the site, the stronger the protection system.

Accordingly, for example, for the site PokerStars is not recommended to buy any bots, because in 95% of cases you will be immediately banned. The working option here is to buy an expensive, not open-source bot, which is a unique development, and a minimum number of people own this bot.

Cost and payback

On average, bots give from 50% to 700% per month. This variation is because people, even if they have a working algorithm, use it incorrectly.

A bot should be used over a long distance, measured in hundreds or thousands of hands. On a short range, bot can lose. On a long distance, poker bot will beat even a professional player.

You can run not one but, for example, 10 accounts with a poker bot, and then it will start winning.

In addition, you cannot neglect the possible blocking. That is, for example, you bought a poker bot, created 10 accounts with a deposit of 1 000 $. In total, for example, won 50 000 $, but 3-5 accounts were banned, and your profitability amounted to 100-200%.

It should always be treated adequately.

The real cost of development

I was talking to a professional poker player; he played no-limit hold’em. All poker rooms 90% of the time are set up for no limit hold’em on cash tables and tournament tables. Most people play cash to make a profit right away.

This man, a professional, with a group of programmers created his own poker bot. Of course, he didn’t sell it to anyone. All prices of poker bots, which he called – from 1000 to 5000$ for ready-made developments, plus 50% of the profit that brought the bot, monthly. For custom development of a poker bot for a certain poker room, be prepared to pay from 5 to 20 thousand dollars.

Let me remind you, if you suddenly found a cheap bot for a popular poker room, most likely, you will be banned and all your funds will be blocked. The system is already aware of poker bots and their functioning, so they will be detected soon, and consequently your accounts will be banned.

How it works

For example, you bought a poker bot for a more-less popular poker room. The developer or owner gives you the algorithm and installation guide.
For example (Shells poker bot), the installation is as follows.
You buy Windows remote servers; there you install a Android virtual machines.
You should also have:

  1. A package of Proxy servers for each account (bot);
  2. A package of ID data, it it neccesary;
  3. A special poker room and poker bot application.

Accordingly, you run everything on a virtual machine. Limits are set manually, according to your deposit.
Then comes the wagering.
Moreover, you can run more than one account; the number depends on the capacity of remote servers.

Where to find good, actual working poker bots?

Poker bots are a specialized topic; relatively few people have working bots, and the majority of those that do won’t sell if the bots are profitable. Ninety percent of the time, poker sites will only sell bots that are either ineffective or have already been blocked. As a result, it will take a lot of work to identify a good solution. You don’t have to be an expert poker player to include your own algorithms into a bot if you’ve played the game before. It suffices to have some gaming experience and knowledge of winning strategies. Where then are these poker bots to be found? It could be necessary to have in-depth knowledge of the relevant technologies and the market in order to get the solution to this issue.

Precautions for purchasing

From myself, I will give you tips on how not to become cheated if you buy a poker bot.

  1. Do not rush; always request a test period for the game.
  2. Try splitting up the bot’s payment into smaller amounts because it profits over the “long distance”. The developer will also be interested in your earnings since he can incorporate a monthly or per-hand payment mechanism for the bot.
  3. Recall that a genuine profit-making poker bot cannot be inexpensive.

In conclusion, I can say that poker bot is a very lucrative profitable topic. But before you start using it, you need to learn all the precautions, otherwise you risk losing money. In this article I have tried to briefly introduce you to the course of action, how to act, what kind of bot to buy – the choice is up to you.
I wish you easy wins and big winnings!