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Where to buy KKpoker bot AI with no risk and stable income?

June 26, 2022

Many players who know about the existence of poker bots could involuntarily think about acquiring them for the reason of a stable income, which would allow them not to care about their job, or go to the all-in more often on the main account.

However, the prejudice against bots based on a simple mathematical algorithm causes appropriate skepticism, but it is very important here to understand the difference between a simple bot and a self-training adaptive AI. 

The team, unlike most competitors, does not develop bots that move by a simple algorithm based on cards flopped. Such bots are easily detected not only by the security service of poker room, but also by ordinary players, who can leave this bot without money at all. 

All products of team are based on their own adaptable neural network technology, AI, which not only knows his chances of winning to a hundredth of a percent, but also adapts to the game of its opponents, recording their actions in case of a new encounter and learning new tricks and methods.

The result of many years of learning and adapting we release our new product, that showing his full potential on the new supported platform – kkPoker

kkpoker AI bot has hand and automatic mode – you can make your own decision based on the analysis of the AI, or leave it to earn without your participation on one or more accounts with a win rate starts from 5bb per 100 hands.  All you need is just any smartphone with android 7.1 or higher. You don’t even need to search the clubs to play, all the games on KKpoker have a common balance, but our AI bot support the most popular – NL, PLO4, PLO5

Work on the fuel system with no deposit – you can play 100 hands with only $1.3 

We will help your remain anonymous  – when you join the platform you do not need to send your documents on KKPOKER if you don’t want, or can’t register at your country. We can provide you with any number of accounts through intermediaries to increase your profits. 

You can also write us to find out about other supported rooms and get the best offer for you at the best pric.

Find out current prices, buy KKpoker bot and ask any question about product in our telegram: @PokerBotSALE