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KK POKER – a new room for stable earnings on PokerBotAI

For poker lovers by poker lovers – KKpoker is the new room from the creators of PPPoker, on which our clients have already earned many thousands dollars thanks to our newly developed.

The new non-club platform gives our customers the opportunity to play with assistant from a common pool of funds in NL, PLO4, PLO5 without annoying agent and searching clubs. provides customers with the ability to increase chance of winning each hand with the help of AI-based tipster technology. 

With an average win rate of 5+ bb per 100 hands you can start earning steadily both in manual and automatic mode (you can only listen to advice, or leave the AI to play without your control). Even if KKpoker is not supported in your country, or you do not want to disclose your data, we can provide you with registration on the platform with another person’s documents, for a small fee. For the same reason you can not be afraid of blocking – if your account was blocked through our fault, we will give you a new account with all your winnings.

You can test our product with almost any amount – how much you put in your account, as many hands our AI for KKpoker will help you win, at no extra cost.

You can install a tipster bot for KKpoker on Android version 7.1 or higher, or install several at once in automatic mode on your pc, which will allow you to steadily earn decent amounts of money while laying on the couch.

You can find out current prices, buy KKpoker bot and ask any question about product in our telegram: @PokerBotSALE