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Hardware Requirements for Running Poker Bots

Running poker bots efficiently necessitates a strong and dependable hardware configuration. PokerBotAI recommends specified hardware settings to ensure peak performance and a smooth gaming experience.

Operating Environment

Our poker bots run in an Android OS emulator environment, specifically LDPlayer, which requires Windows 10 or higher. The hardware requirements are compatible with those of LDPlayer, ensuring smooth and effective bot functioning.

Recommended Hardware Configuration

  1. Processor (CPU)
    • Minimum Requirement: A modern processor with at least 6 cores and 12 threads.
    • Examples: AMD Ryzen 5 5500, Intel i5-10400.
    • Explanation: Older generations of processors will also do, including Xeon server processors, either way performance is important.
  2. Memory (RAM)
    • Minimum Requirement: 16 GB DDR3 RAM.
    • Explanation: Sufficient memory is crucial for running multiple instances of LDPlayer and ensuring stable performance without lag. Each instance of the emulator consumes a minimum of 2GB of RAM.
  3. Storage
    • Minimum Requirement: 480 GB SSD.
    • Explanation: An SSD ensures faster data access and improved overall performance, which is essential for running multiple emulators smoothly.
  4. Graphics Card (GPU)
    • Minimum Requirement: Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti or better.
    • Explanation: Although no high performance GPU is required to run android emulator with poker applications, a GPU with at least 4Gb of dedicated memory is required to render graphics efficiently and support multiple emulators with sufficient performance.

This minimal configuration supports running 4 instances of LDPlayer with poker bots. It is also supported to run on laptops with similar performance.

High-Performance Server Setup

For more extensive setups a high-performance server is required. Here’s an example of a server configuration that meets these demands:

  • Server Processor: 2 × AMD EPYC 7282 (16×2.8 GHz)
  • Memory: 192 GB RAM DDR4 ECC Reg
  • Storage: 1920 GB SSD NVMe
  • GPU: Tesla T4 16 GB GDDR6

This configuration provides the computational power, memory, and storage capacity to run approximately 90 instances of LDPlayer effectively.

Testing Your System

If you are unsure about your current system’s capability to run our poker bots, we offer a free trial period. You can test the bots on your setup to assess performance and make any necessary adjustments.


By adhering to these hardware recommendations, you can ensure that your poker bots run efficiently and effectively, providing a seamless and profitable gaming experience. Stable work of emulators with poker applications and bot directly affects your winnings, because in case of freezes and crashes you risk your deposit.

For further assistance or specific hardware inquiries, feel free to contact our support team.