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Where Is Online Poker Legal?

Gambling is one of the ancient most games, and yet it has not lost its charm. Online poker is one of the most addictive games on the internet these days. Because of the availability of online poker games, the total number of poker users has increased globally. Plenty of people worldwide indulge in this game of excitement and entertainment. The game of gambling comes with a certain amount of risk. But, this risk element makes this game all more intriguing.

In many countries, these online poker games have been announced illegal, while for many others it is legal. Read on to know where it is legal to gamble online and where it is illegal.

The Onset of Legal and Illegal Battle for Online Poker

The experience of playing poker online is unique. The rooms and tables replicate the real-life poker table. With the growth of online poker, many new features got introduced. Some handful of online poker sites became extremely popular.

The most popular poker sites amongst the everyday online poker players are PokerStars, Chris moneymaker. These sites introduced real-life money playing features that made the online poker experience feel like real life. But later on, many countries banned such games.

Why is Online Poker Illegal?

Every country has its set of rules. In many countries, online poker is considered illegal. Moreover, in the US, online poker is legal only in 6 states.

A lot of people question ‘why is online poker banned in the US’. The legalization of the poker game in the US is kept at bay because of the Federal Wire Act. This Act has also interrupted many other online gambling sites in the US.  Despite the act, there are offshore poker sites with a permitted license that allows US players in some cities to play poker with some restrictions.

For example, if you live in Virginia (except West Virginia) and play on an internet poker website, you would be arrested as per their law under section 18.2-326 that states a raked online poker as a class 3 misdemeanor. Places like Minnesota (US), Utah have made playing online poker games illegal. Online gamblers get punished as per laws if they break an anti-gaming law, as it is considered an offense.

Here are some names of the states that have banned online poker:

•          Alabama

•          Alaska

•          Georgia

•          Hawaii

•          Nebraska

•          South Carolina

When Will Online Poker Be Legal?

There is an ongoing debate going on in many countries to legalize online poker games.  However, there are places in the US that can legalize online poker sooner or later. It is an unpredictable situation to tell when online poker will be legal in different countries. Amidst this uncertainty, there are higher chances that this online game would get legalized in places like:

            •          California

            •          Connecticut

            •          Florida

            •          Indiana

            •          Kansas

            •          Vermont

            •          North Dakota               

            •          Oklahoma

            •          Oregon

            •          Rhode Island

            •          Ohio

The above-listed places have a higher possibility of legalizing online poker in near future. States like Massachusetts and New York are still amidst debate on the legalization of online poker.

Where Is Online Poker Legal In The US?

To know places where online poker is legal in the US, go through the below list where regulated online poker rooms are available:

  • Delaware
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania

Earlier only 4 individual states in the United States had these, but recently, Michigan and West Virginia made online poker legal as per new laws. However, launching online poker platforms in a full-fledged manner might take little time in these 2 states. 

Online Poker is Legal in Which States

Delaware, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan and West Virginia have legalized online poker. But even in these states, online poker is regulated and monitored strictly based on regulated poker rooms for playing online.

Common FAQs about Online Poker and Its Legal Status

  1. Is Online Gambling Safe?

Online gambling is safe till people follow given guidelines and take enough online safety measures. Choosing a regular online casino having permits in a state where online poker is legal is a necessity here.

Here are the best tips to make online gambling safe.

  • Always check for an online casino’s license or registration
  • Read all the terms and conditions of the site and game
  • Check the deposit and withdrawal options given by the site
  • Research about the online gambling site beforehand
  • Do not try to beat the game
  • Always play according to the bankroll
  • Understand how to take a lost match
  • Learn not to get addicted

These are the best ways that one can make online gambling safe. It is important to take responsibility to play safely on your own.

  • Do Online Poker Sites Cheat?

Cheating on online poker sites is rare. But yes, it happens. There are many ways one might cheat during an online poker game. The topmost used methods are:

  • Multi-Accounting
  • Virtual Machine
  • Ghosting
  • Collusion
  • Access To Hole Cards
  • Account Settings

Some advanced players who know their games very well at times use the above methods for cheating.

  • What Is The Best Site For Online Gambling?

The best site for online gambling is Las Atlantis. Super Slots is also a good platform which allows players to select from a range of games. Due to its user-friendly policies, BetUS is also a great platform for new and pro players.   

  • In Which Countries Is Online Poker Legal?

Here are few nations where online gambling has been fully legalized.

  • The United Kingdom
  • Japan
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • France

Why did PokerStars Get Shut Down?

A lot of poker enthusiasts intend to know why PokerStars is illegal in the US. PokerStars was shut down by the governments of different places around the world because a lot of people got affected by the introduction of the real-money table where players could gamble with their real money. The US government had banned PokerStars on 15th April 2011.

Many countries other than the US as well banned the famous PokerStars site for the real money gamble feature. In the present day, there are still many places that allow online real money gamble on this site. You can check the list of places allowing the same on the official site of PokerStars.

  • What States is PokerStars Legal In?

PokerStars is the first online poker game that included real money. Therefore, only a handful of states in the USA have legalized the game in their area to date.  Currently, there are two states in the US which allow legal PokerStars games. They are New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

There are other states in the USA where online poker is legal, still PokerStars has not got legal status. There are chances that soon PokerStars might obtain legal status in some other states too.

Countries where PokerStars is still prohibited include Egypt, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Pakistan, Turkey, Australia, Slovenia, Colombia, Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, Afghanistan, and Jordan

  • Why Can’t I Play Real Money on PokerStars?

PokerStars has been banned because the government has decided that Poker is gambled. This is the reason that it has been banned by the government. Even though it is mainly a skill-based game, some governments have banned it because they see it as gambling.

  • Is it Illegal to Play Poker At Home for Money?

Players can surely earn a lot of money sitting at home, playing poker or other online gambling games carefully and strategically. If you are worried about its legal cap, online gambling is not illegal in all countries. If you are earning money playing online poker in states where it is legal, you will not be tried for the same. Playing with a regulated poker room having permits won’t be a threat to your money. Choose the casino carefully to have hassle-free earnings at home through online poker.

  • Can I Get In Trouble For Playing Online Poker?

To keep yourself away from any problem while playing online poker, all you have to keep in mind while choosing the online casino is that it must be an authorized one. Playing with casinos that do not have the required permits, certificates, and papers can be a problem at any time.

So far as private gaming remains concerned, no one has been prosecuted for playing poker or other gambling games online. If you have an opportunity to earn money through games, you can be entirely sure of the legality aspect of these certified casinos.


People have to maintain decorum while playing online poker. So, they do not harm other players or break any respected poker site’s rules or guidelines. There can be a possibility that online poker would be completely legal world-wide, if people can be more responsible.  

People have to understand the importance of playing fair and square online poker by following the guidelines and terms and conditions while they play. Players have to be very careful while picking an online poker website. Even if the game gets addictive players should have some self-control, so they do not get addicted to the game.