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Online Poker Cheats and Hacks: How you can get scammed


Millions of players run online poker every day around the world. And it is self-evident that everyone wants to win, gain an edge over their opponent. It is this desire that forms the demand for the so-called “magic pills”: poker cheats and poker hacks that assure that play with them anyone can become a poker shark regular.

In the gambling market, there are dozens of offers: programs that supposedly see the cards of opponents, bots that provide a permanent win guarantee, secret strategies that reveal the algorithms of poker rooms. But, sadly, the vast majority of these “secret technologies” are just a smoke screen to lull the vigilance of gullible players . Our team, which specializes in the development of advanced poker bots, often faces clients who have lost money to such “miracle programs”.

But do not hurry to despair! 🙂 Indeed, there are tools that can give a player a significant advantage. However, it is important to understand that this is not a magic button “dough”, but a complex technology that requires a general understanding of the game and skillful application. In this article we will reveal the truth about cheats and hacks, dive into the world of poker bots and RTA programs, as well as tell you about social engineering methods used by unscrupulous players. Btw, check our Poker Bot Knowledge Hub for up-to-date info.

Software that gives you an edge in online poker

Poker Bots: Artificial Intelligence Superior to Humans

Poker bots are automated software systems capable of analyzing huge amounts of data, making and executing actions and decisions faster and more efficiently than any human. Modern bots are based on advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

Poker AI bots are capable of processing millions of possible card combinations, calculating probabilities and optimal moves in real time. They track the behavior of opponents, analyze their game patterns and adjust their strategy accordingly. Some bots even know how to bluff and adapt their play style to a particular opponent.

This advantage in analytics and decision-making speed makes poker bots virtually invincible in online gaming. They are able to beat even the most experienced professional players, earning fabulous sums. Many players are eager to get their hands on such programs to get a guaranteed advantage. And you know where to get them 🙂

But since poker is also a game of probability and chance, it is important to realize that:
– at a short distance (small number of hands played) you may well go into a minus;
– the more bots play at the table, the more effective they are (our bots exchange information about the cards in hands in real time);
– there are types of poker with high variance, in which randomness plays a bigger role than players’ skills and abilities.

RTA: Real-Time Tips

Another type of software that gives an edge in online poker is RTA (Real-Time Assistance) applications. These programs analyze the current situation at the table and provide the player with real-time hints on what actions would be best (probability maps).

RTA programs track the cards in hand, bet sizes, actions of opponents and instantly calculate the most profitable moves. They can advise when it is better to check, when to bet, and when to fold. For inexperienced players, such tips become a serious advantage, allowing them to make more informed decisions.

The use of RTA programs is certainly a significant advantage, as they give the player information that is not available to the rest of the table. However, this method is inferior to poker bots in terms of efficiency because you are playing manually.

Online poker cheats and hacks: real stories from our customers

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Despite common rumors and myths on the Internet, there are no “cheat programs” or “hacks”, scripts, hacked apk-applications of poker rooms that allow players to see the cards of opponents or manipulate the random number generator. All such offers are nothing more than fraudulent tricks aimed at deceiving gullible players.

You can find on the Internet very well made sites with proof of the work of this software, but believe me, it is just a video montage. We are often written to by customers who have been cheated out of money when buying such poker cheats, especially for American rooms like Pokerrrrr 2.

Poker sites closely monitor the security of their platforms and promptly eliminate any vulnerabilities. Hacking or bypassing the built-in defense mechanisms is virtually impossible for ordinary users. Therefore, everyone who counts on magic “cheats” end up losing their money.

Social engineering: play and win with your friends 🙂

Besides the use of software, there are other tricks used by dishonest online poker players. These methods are based on the use of social engineering and exploitation of human weaknesses.

Team play (Collusion)

One of the most common techniques is collusion between players, known as “team play”. In this case, several participants come together to share information about their cards and jointly capitalize on it. Even though at first glance not everyone on the team makes a profit, the team’s total pot always gets bigger and the profits are shared among the participants. This kind of coordination gives them a big advantage over the rest of the participants.

Poker rooms closely monitor such cases of collusion and apply strict penalties, up to blocking accounts. But it can be difficult to detect collusion, especially if players disguise their actions well, using IP spoofing and location spoofing.


Another trick is creating multiple accounts on the same poker site. This can be done to gather more information about table play or to circumvent table limits.

For example, a player may use multiple accounts to keep track of what cards other “clones” of him have, the behavior of his opponents and their playing patterns. Or he can participate in more games at the same time (although this is sometimes allowed, but for a single account).

Chip Dumping: Intentionally draining money

Another cheating technique, though rare, is chip-dumping. In this case, one player intentionally loses money to another player so that he can build up his bankroll.

The scheme works as follows: Player A makes bets knowing that he will lose. Player B, in turn, accepts these bets and increases his chipleader. Thus, B gets an illegal advantage over the other participants at the expense of the money “leaked” to him. This scheme is often used in MTT poker. It can also include stolen accounts, where all the chips are lost to cheaters on purpose.

Exploits and bugs in mobile apps

Online poker, like any other game, can sometimes have vulnerabilities in the software that can be exploited to your advantage. These vulnerabilities can be used to gain an advantage in the game or even to gain unauthorized access to players’ money.

However, normal poker rooms conduct security audits, the random number generator is checked and certified by a special controlling organization (

Even if security holes appear, which is rare, poker rooms quickly fix these problems.

Lifehacks: How to recognize bots and unfair play in online poker

Despite poker rooms’ best efforts to ensure fair play, cheaters still find ways to gain an illegal advantage. There are certain techniques that players can use to identify bots and other types of unfair play on their own.

Choose reliable and trusted poker rooms

The first and most important rule is to play only on reputable and trusted online platforms. Large poker operators usually have better security systems, conduct thorough player verification (KYC) and effectively fight fraudsters.

Before registering at a new site, be sure to read reviews from other players and make sure it is a reliable and honest poker room. Avoid sites with a dubious reputation – there is a higher probability of encountering unfair play.

Pay attention to suspicious behavior of players

Watch your opponents closely during the game. Signs of possible use of bots or other unfair methods can be:

– Too fast decisions that do not match the complexity of the situation
– Unusual bet sizes that do not fit into the standard game model, as well as frequently repeated monotonous bets.
– Lack of pauses between actions, as if the player uses automated scripts
– Atypical game patterns that are difficult to explain by human factor
– Lack of answers in chat, reaction to actions

If you notice something like this, don’t hesitate to contact the poker room’s security team.
If in doubt, move to other tables. This will avoid direct contact with bots or dishonest players.


Poker rooms actively fight against unfair play, but not always successfully. Therefore, if you want to play fair online poker, you should be vigilant and use available poker room security tools. Play only on trusted and trusted poker rooms, pay attention to suspicious behavior of players. Or only play with trusted people in your close social circle.

After all, the best way to get an edge in poker is to improve your skills and play honestly 😉
However, nothing prevents you from becoming our partner and getting the best poker AI bot in 2024, which is not detected by the security services of poker sites.

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