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X-Poker is the best Room Today?

May 10, 2022

X-Poker is the newest room in the social poker app market. They released the first version of their mobile app in late 2020 and quickly gained popularity in the Asian poker community. For players who have tried apps like Poker Bros, X-Poker will be a familiar type of poker app, but with unique features. As stated on the website, the app was developed by a group of experienced programmers and poker enthusiasts. Anyone can create a club on X-Poker, and contingent money can be played for free.

Various poker game formats are available at X-Poker, which can be played on your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or via an Android emulator on your PC. Since X-Poker is a new operator in the poker market, there is moderate traffic here right now. We expect the app to grow in 2021 because the field is pretty soft and the software is great. Once you sign up for an account with Beasts Of Poker, you’ll be eligible for rakeback. Joining the Beasts Of Poker poker community will also give you other benefits at various online poker rooms!

In our X-Poker review we have included all the information you need. Let’s take a look at the description of the important benefits of the poker room.

How does X-Poker work?

X-Poker is a decentralized poker application. This means that all money transfers are handled by trusted agents and clubs. The agent model on the playmoney platform is similar to other common brands of poker apps. In this model, there is no centralized or specific poker operator to organize games or guarantee winnings. The X-Poker app only provides the software and platform to play-they do not offer any real-money poker services. The poker chips have no monetary value at first glance because they are “contingent money” chips. After winning chips, players can receive payouts in real money according to the value of the chips in each club.

Club owners on X-Poker can join alliances to create larger pools of players and tournaments. To start playing, buy virtual chips (chip value is nominal) from an agent to play at the tables. Chips will be awarded according to the odds used in the club. A small rake is charged for participation in the game, and agents reconcile accounts on a weekly basis. The most popular payment methods are bitcoins, Ethereum and USDT.

We have compiled a list of the main reasons why the number of players on X-Poker will grow:

  • A softer field compared to traditional online poker rooms
  • Competitive rake compared to other mobile poker apps
  • Intuitive software with social features
  • Play via smartphone from anywhere
  • Play against players from around the world, not just friends
  • Popular variations of poker: Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha with 4 or 5 cards and OFC

What does the X-Poker club look like?

After joining the club, the app will show you a list of all the tables currently available. You will see the stakes, the number of players and the game format at each table. Just a few clicks and you’ll join your favorite game!

The X-Poker mobile client was developed by professional programmers from Funnygames, which owns the technology and the copyright of the application. The poker room has cutting-edge graphics and fresh emoticons. We tested the game on iOS using the iPhone X, and the gameplay experience was excellent. According to the test results, the app works steadily on Iphone, Ipad and Android phones, and we highly recommend this mobile poker game. The lobby and games are also easy to navigate.

Multi-table play is also available on X-Poker. Switching tables in multitabling mode is lightning fast. When you sit down at the poker table, you’ll see a Jackpot promotion and lots of smiley faces. Buttons and sliders for table actions such as check, bet, or raises are clear and convenient.

What games and limits are available at X-Poker?

The game formats available on X-Poker are Holdem, PLO, PLO 5, MTT, 6+ and OFC. Open Chinese poker is available with jokers. No-limit Hold’em up to NL1k and Omaha up to PLO2k can be found in the game. Micro and low stakes poker players will find plenty to choose from. Since 6+ Hold’em is a very popular game among the Asian poker community, you’ll also find Short Deck tables in the mobile client.

Occasionally there is a game at higher stakes, but not that often yet. The softness of the field makes up for less player traffic compared to more established poker operators. Compared to the larger poker networks, the gameplay is more like playing at home with friends over the Internet.

What is the rake and rakeback

The standard rake at X-Poker clubs is 5% with a 3BB cap. For cash tables, the “no flop, no drop” rule applies and rake is calculated using the Weighted Contributed method.

Does X-Poker run promotions?

Promotions and bonuses depend on the club and agent offers. Signing up through Beasts of Poker gives you a deposit guarantee as well as a bonus – a rakeback deal. We expect tournaments to become more popular as more unions and clubs join X-Poker.

How do deposits and cashes work at X-Poker?

To purchase chips after registering your account, choose your preferred deposit method from an agent. Popular deposit and withdrawal methods are BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

Is it possible to use HM and PT4 tracking software?

Yes, third-party trackers and HUDs are allowed. But the rules do not allow you to use any helpers or solvers during the game to gain an unfair advantage. As with most in-app poker games, basic stats are available to players. With the VIP card, additional player statistics are available. The VIP card is sold in the app store.

How do I join X-Poker?

Open the X-Poker lobby, enter your club ID and referral ID, then click the search button. In the new window that will open, click on “Apply” and the application will be sent to the club owner.

Material was prepared by the POKERBOTAI team