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Exclusive: Poker bot for ClubGG poker room – first on the market!

The world’s largest poker network GGNetwork (GGPokerOK) has entered the market of club poker applications, creating its own version of poker room with private clubs – ClubGG. This development will probably compete with the old players in this market – such as PPPoker or PokerBros. The application was created by NSUS Limited and its beta test began in January 2021.

ClubGG Poker is designed for free games with friends in private clubs and is available worldwide for Android and iOS devices. It is governed by the laws of Hong Kong.

We are the first company to offer you ClubGG poker bot. Poker bots, also known as poker artificial intelligence (AI), are computer programs designed to play the popular card game of poker automatically. Poker bot for ClubGG app use various algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze and make decisions in real-time during a game. Poker AI can be trained to play various styles and strategies, and some even have the ability to adapt to their opponents’ playstyle.

How ClubGG poker bot works

ClubGG poker bot work by using algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze and make decisions in real-time during a game. These algorithms typically involve modeling the game as a decision tree, where each decision point represents a possible action that the bot can take (such as fold, call, or raise). The bot then uses various inputs, such as the cards in its hand and the betting patterns of its opponents, to evaluate the potential outcomes of each action and choose the one that is most likely to result in a win.

To train a poker bot for GGPokerOK and any other poker room, developers typically use a technique called reinforcement learning, where the bot is given a set of rules or goals and is then allowed to play a large number of games against itself or other bots. As it plays, the bot receives feedback in the form of rewards or punishments based on its performance, and over time it learns to make better decisions based on this feedback.

Some poker bots also have the ability to adapt to their opponents’ playstyle, learning and adjusting their own strategy as they play. This can be achieved through the use of more advanced machine learning techniques, such as neural networks, which allow the bot to learn and adapt on the fly.

About the ClubGG poker app

ClubGG works as a standalone mobile app and you’ll need to create a separate account to play poker through it (your GGPokerOK account has nothing to do with it). Here you can organize private cash games and tournaments. At the time of publication available games: NLH and PLO, in the future will be added OFC and 6+ Holdem.

ClubGG: rake and rakeback

Like all other club apes, GG Club Poker has no welcome bonus or rakeback. However, club owners may offer promotions to attract new players.

As for rake, the administrator of the club has the right to set the amount of commission at different tables. Rake can vary from 3% to 5% and the caps can be from 0.1BB-3BB or none at all.

This rake structure is standard for club applications. And the game without caps until recently at GGpokerok was played at Omaha tables.

Clubs at ClubGG

When creating a club in ClubGG, there are a lot of settings available:

  1. Table name and table size.
  2. Blind rate, ante, buy-in or buy-in.
  3. Rake Size.
  4. All-in insurance, Run it twice, table time.
  5. For MTT: guarantee, payout structure, breaks.
  6. Restrictions on IP, location, device, chat operation.

It is possible to limit VPIP% for a certain number of hands. If a player does not comply with this requirement, he is automatically removed from the game.

How to set up a club in ClubGG

The app’s functionality is straightforward and easy to understand. Any player – even a newcomer – can create a club with a unique ID (you can use it to invite other players). To do this you have to click “Create Club” on the main screen. There you will be offered to choose a name and an image of the club (you can load your own picture).

Then, as it is customary in club applications, you can create separate tables with cash-game or tournaments. Let me remind you that right now only NLH and PLO are available.

Game currency store of ClubGG

The ClubGG app is played with virtual currency “Diamonds” which can be bought in the local store. You can pay with it to club organizers.

Game stats

In ClubGG app as well as in GGPokerOK you can watch your game stats. Go to the “Career” tab. There you will find:

  1. How many hands/tournaments you have played and how successfully
  2. Basic in-game stats: VPIP, PFR, 3-Bet, C-bet, WTSD, W$SD

Buy poker bot for ClubGG and other poker rooms

We offer you several AI products for ClubGG:

  1. ClubGG Poker Bot – automatic game bots
  2. PokerX poker adviser for ClubGG – gives you hints in real time, according to which you yourself, or the adviser automatically makes the necessary actions in the application
  3. Poker ecology – maintaining games at the table in your club through adaptable poker bots

Contact our specialists and we will give you all the information you need and demonstrate how the poker bot for ClubGG works –