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X-poker iPhone Poker Bot

Probably every one of us has at least once dreamed of finding a way to get rich: inventing a new, even rounder wheel, building our own reusable rocket, opening our own store, or investing in a promising new asset. But it’s all complicated and costly, not to mention very risky.

For opponents of complexity, there’s a shortcut to the breeze: gambling. Next we will talk about their most striking representative – Poker. Since here the entry threshold is extremely low, the bulk of these adventurers choose this path. If everything goes by the rules and without falsification, it is possible to win, of course, but, as a rule, for a gambler, winning is only an intermediate stage leading to the final loss.

However, for stable earnings the feeling of excitement must be excluded completely, which is almost impossible if you are a living person. However, there is a way out – this new X-poker iphone bot from POKERBOTAI

Even professional players on big tournaments can not always determine this, which often causes them to lose their money.

AI bot collects information about every opponent who has ever played against our clients.

This information allows it to predict whether a player can bluff, rationally assessing the risks of raising the bet, what no one human can accurately calculate.

With POKERBOTAI you don’t need to spend money and time on learning and theory, Adviser for x poker, created on a self-learning neural network will tell you which decision will be the most profitable in each hand, based on the experience of millions of games played by professionals and win consistently 5-20bb/100 hands in NL, PLO4, PLO5 and OFC modes.

Our products make people around the world richer every day – so why shouldn’t you be one of them?

Write to us to get a free 1-day trial and keep all the money you earn: @PokerBotSALE

AI Robot plays X-Poker - PokerX: The ultimate poker bot and assistant