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PPPoker Android Poker Bot

Of course, even today it is possible to try to play online poker on the plus side without using special third-party programs. However, the number of good players has increased many times in recent years, so not many people manage it at all.

Moreover, by playing without additional software, you are missing out on a huge advantage. And having an advantage in poker is vital, because any advantage turns into a win. And POKERBOTAI can seriously increase your advantage.

The PPPoker Poker Bot is universal and highly customizable. When compared to other bots, it uses the revolutionary screen scraping method to provide you with desired results. What makes this bot unique is that it boasts of an advanced poker-botting framework. This AI bot has an average winrate of 5 big blinds/100 hands, which is impressive.

▪️ How does it work? 

Our bot can be installed on iPhone and Android. AI bot plays poker without human involvement or can give you advice, working in tipster mod. He will analyzing winning combinations and opponent behavior for maximum profit. 

All you have to do is follow the game, change tables occasionally, and withdraw your winnings.

▪️ Won’t I get blocked? 

We use the most available security methods, resident proxy servers, expensive VPNs. We also constantly analyze the security of poker rooms where our bots play.

To be honest, bans sometimes happens. If you follow all our recommendations, on average, up to 3-4 thousand hands our bot plays stably without bans. We will warn you at what point it is desirable to withdraw part of the funds.

▪️ How much can I earn? 

Payback period averaged 1-3 months. You can very quickly reach an income of up to $3,000 per month in the first 3 months of operation. 

The minimum winning percentage per 100 hands is $3.5. We don’t hack sites or peek into other people’s cards, so losses sometimes happen, but those funds are recouped 100% of the time on subsequent hands. In addition, our private clubs provide excellent rakeback, and we provide bonuses when we make mistakes.

You can find out current prices and ask any question about our product here: @PokerBotSALE