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Warbot pokerbot review

If you want to win big in Texas Hold’em, then Warbot is your ideal option. Warbot is an Open holdem-based and highly customizable poker bot. One of the key highlights of Warbot is that it uses the screen scraping method for its game state engine.

It also has an action engine that is responsible for helping you win. If you are using Warbot, it is always recommended to commence with No-Limit Hold’em. If you are an experienced player, you would have good chances to win in No Limit.

Warbot would wait to provide you with the required chances so that you can beat the inexperienced players. One of the critical highlights of Warbot Poker is that it automatically identifies poker tables. With these things in mind, let’s see the efficacy of Warbot.

Warbot Poker – Some Interesting Things to know

Warbot is one of your ideal options while aiming to win at Texas Hold’em. Upon recognizing the poker table automatically, Warbot connects and starts playing based on the loaded profile. What makes it different is that it can perform various actions.

Apart from raising, folding, and calling, it can also execute sit-in, sit-out, close tables, etc. So as you can see, this poker bot is reasonably versatile and hence a top choice among players.  

Features of Warbot you should be aware of

As Warbot is an open-source and programmable poker bot, there is always room for improvement and updates. Here are some of the features of Warbot you should know.

  • The bot features a parameter-based engine which helps it with screen scraping
  • This parameter-based engine also allows the bot to interpret the game states
  • Warbot uses a simple scripting language for elaborating the way poker decisions should be undertaken

Let’s take a glance at some of the reasons which make Warbot so popular these days.

  • Warbot can play fixed-limit and no-limit cash games along with SNGs and MTTs.
  • It relies on the most advanced poker-botting framework when compared to others.
  • It can support more than 20 large poker rooms.
  • Warbot is adept in playing TAG-style poker.
  • You would have access to more than fifty different profiles in Warbot.
  • Warbot allows multi-tabling, which helps the user to participate in various casinos at the same time.

If you are participating in cash games, always play on micro limits. It is advisable not to go to higher limits than 0.10/0.25 NL. In poker-botting, you should always remember that wins come from poor players. Hence, adhering to micro-limits in the form of NL2 to NL5 is the best bet.

The Benefits of Warbot when compared to other Poker Bots

Here are some of the advantages of Warbot.

  • With a single license, you can use Warbot on three different devices.
  • You get dedicated Team Viewer support.
  • The user gets real-time table statistics symbols.
  • Warbot features a smart auto-connector thatplays every visible table.


What is the Primary Objective of using Warbot?

Always remember that the main objective of Warbot is to make the most out of weak competition. It helps you emerge victorious in micro-limit cash games. It can also be high money finishes in the tournaments.

Is Proper Selection of Tournament Important?

Bankroll management is an essential criterionif you want to emerge victorious in Warbot poker. If you have $300, you should participate in the $3 tournaments. Proper tournament selection is imperative to build a bankroll properly.

Is there a Paid Version of Warbot?

Yes, there is a paid version of Warbot, which provides you with versatile features.