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Can AI beat humans at poker?

Can AI do that? Definitely. Artificial Intelligence can beat us at poker; also, it can teach us a lot. For example, playing chess, or programming.

Now artificial intelligence is forever surpassing human capabilities in games, and more.

How much machines outperform us in intelligence is impossible to determine. It is hard to believe that a few time ago we could not have imagined how fast technology would develop. It is scary to watch artificial intelligence instantly go through an infinite number of options and come up with a solution.

Undeniably, our brain’s abilities are forever behind machine intelligence.

poker robot

People have already confirmed once that AI can win at poker. They held matches with professionals who were defeated in the course of more than 100 000 hands.

We can already see that the poker bot has mastered various strategies for playing the game. This is now the most popular accusation of foul play.

Protect yourself from artificial intelligence

Offline poker is becoming more relevant as the poker bot becomes more popular. For people who want to protect themselves from online poker bots, it is far better to play home sessions with friends, with small stakes.

Of course, a $30 poker night doesn’t give you a chance to win huge amounts of money, which is why this format isn’t favored by professionals or risk-takers, for example.

Starting a home friendly game with a limit and small stakes is too easy. You don’t need a lot of money for such games, just one set of chips is enough, and you can also think about drinks and food for the guests, because the game is not so expensive.

In turn, both pros and, naturally, cheaters using poker bot love big games. Most likely, you don’t want to put up with cheaters, of which there are many nowadays, then the best solution for you will be home games, with a fixed limit and small stakes. You can find these sessions in public gaming venues, but don’t expect below $6-$12 bets.

At home, however, you can set betting limits, for example, from $0.01 to $0.03, if none of your guests mind. You will not find penny games in card rooms and casinos.

Our brains versus AI

Yes, instantly looking at possible options is an ability in which AI is unrivaled, but still, there are some things that a robot can’t do better than us.

A poker bot, or any other AI has no human experience, no emotions. It doesn’t understand what it means to lose an apartment, it’s just program code. A human can take pity on his opponent and give in, but the robot will keep pushing and take everything.

A human being can weigh decisions and make ones that are more important, a human being can prioritize. For a human, all spiritual and emotional factors matter, whereas for an AI any task is a set of variables.

  • Should I answer him rudely now?
  • Should I turn on the sound on my phone?
  • Should I charge the battery on my car in the next 10 minutes?
  • Should I start doing my homework right now?
  • Should I wake up at 08:00, or sleep until 09:00?

The rules of poker are as specific as possible, so a poker bot has no equal among humans. But in everyday human life, an AI would not be able to find its place and react as competently to the circumstances as a human would.

We don’t just flip a coin, we think, applying our experience and opinion to each situation, not only right now, but also with an eye to the future.

  • Do I need to give him a birthday present?
  • Do I need to take a second bag with me on vacation?

Not all decisions come down to yes/no. There are other life questions and challenges that require our unique expertise.

Stretch your brain. Find questions that you will find a better answer to than what the AI will find, such as personal questions.

Does victory await us, at least in the future?

Perhaps the maximum level we can get to is identical strength. But only if we have a microchip implanted in our brains.

Humanity is on the right track. Ilon Musk’s company has created the first microchip for the brain. So far, it is at the development stage, but the vector is set.

AI is your teacher

Probably the best way to learn how to play is to watch a poker bot.¬† And you don’t necessarily have to play against it and lose your money.

Do it to improve your skills, and with friends or online opponents, you should use only your own abilities.

Using a poker bot is obviously a lucrative endeavor.

My verdict is that, still, the best place to play poker at home with your friends. Your nervous system and wallet will say ‚Äúthank you‚ÄĚ.

To summarize, play home games. You should not use a poker bot when playing online. You can only learn from it. During the games, show what the AI has taught you and surprise your opponents!