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PokerKing Asia (扑克王) poker bot AI

Return of Poker AI Bot for PokerKing Asia (扑克王) room


In the dynamic and exciting world of online poker, innovation is key, and PokerKing Asia (扑克王) is no stranger to it. PokerKing Asia stands as the oldest entrant in the mobile poker application scene, designed exclusively for Asian players. Though it might not currently enjoy the widespread popularity of other Asian poker applications like PokerMaster, Poker King offers quality and quantity in traffic, with extremely soft games that both new and experienced players can appreciate.

A Unique Poker Experience with Poker King

PokerKing Asia carves a niche for itself by belonging to the high stakes live poker room in Macau. This room draws parallels with the renowned Bobby’s Room in Las Vegas, where players need a minimum buy-in of $20,000 to participate. With a reputation that precedes itself, PokernKing offers players a unique and secure environment to indulge in their love for poker.

The application is not only innovative in its game offerings but also in its structure. For instance, it provides a progressive rake scheme, where the higher the stakes you play, the less you pay in rake. This approach is beneficial for players participating in high-stakes games, making the platform more attractive for seasoned poker enthusiasts.

Welcoming Back the Poker King Bot

In this bustling environment, we are thrilled to announce the return of the PokerKing bot, a sophisticated PokerKing AI designed to elevate the gaming experience on the PokerKing Asia platform. The Poker King poker bot is an advanced AI, diligently designed to engage with the platform seamlessly, offering players a challenging yet fair gaming experience.

The PokerKing bot is adaptable, capable of participating in various games available on the platform, including No Limit Hold’em and Short Deck Hold’em. Its return is anticipated by many, as it brings a new layer of excitement and challenge to the games, making the platform even more engaging for players looking for a competitive edge.

Why Players Choose PokerKing Asia (扑克王)

PokerKing (扑克王) is a hub for players ranging from those participating in 2/4CNY (NL$60) games to those ready to join the high-stakes tables. The application offers Jackpot tables where players stand a chance to win big by losing with substantial hands, adding an extra layer of thrill to the gaming experience.

The traffic primarily comprises No Limit Hold’em tables and Short Deck Hold’em tables, with the latter available for high-stakes games. With an average of 3-4 loose amateur players per table, the games are soft, providing a favorable environment for players of all skill levels.


The return of the PokerKing poker AI bot heralds a new era for our partners, enhancing the winrate for all players on the platform. Whether you are a seasoned player or a beginner looking to try your hand at poker, the Poker King bot provides an unmatched profit.

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