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Price calculator - 11 May 2023


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Introducing PokerBotAI’s Poker Bot Calculator: Your All-In-One Poker Solution!

Ready to transform your online poker experience? PokerBotAI’s poker bot calculator offers unmatched control, flexibility, and power, allowing you to customize your poker bot to your preferences.

What sets our poker bot calculator apart:

  1. Extensive Poker Room Support: Compatible with a variety of poker applications, our calculator offers wide-ranging support. Consult our experts for the latest updates on ClubGG and Upoker.
  2. Tailored AI Strength: Choose from five AI power levels to find the perfect balance between CPU effort and account support, from “AI Novice” to “AI Supreme.”
  3. Modes for Every Player: Whether you prefer manual, semi-automatic, or fully automated play, our poker bot calculator caters to your style.
  4. Diverse Game Support: Enjoy support for NLH, PLO4, PLO5, OFC, Mau Binh, and Pusoy, making our calculator suitable for all poker enthusiasts.
  5. Efficient Fuel Billing: Manage your fuel costs effectively with billing based on fuel (gas), with costs varying based on your chosen limits. Our consultants are ready to help you make the best choice.

Upgrade your poker game with PokerBotAI’s poker bot calculator, the ultimate customization tool. Try it today and experience poker like never before!